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How To Use Central Focusing (CF) Binoculars.

There are two available types of binoculars, according to how they focus: The CF (Central Focusing) and IF (Individual Focusing) binoculars. As soon as you know how to properly use binoculars, you can experience the full viewing excitement. Getting the knowledge on a few simple procedures will ensure your enjoyment. Nomenclature of Central Focusing Binoculars […]

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Binoculars – The basics

Those who are new usually often rush to buy the first telescope they see in a departmental store, this is rightly understandable. All nice pictures of celestial bodies seen in magazines or in books have this effect on majority of the people. Unfortunately, the experience usually turns out to be different from what was assumed […]

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Binoculars – Overview

The Background Binoculars are optical tools that consist of two barrel chambers with a pair of prisms inside, having an objective lens and an eyepiece. The prisms are for the reflection and lengthening of the light, while the objective lenses, are for magnifying and enhancing images due to stereoscopic vision. History Just like every other […]

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Binoculars – Manufacturing Process Review 2016

There are brass housing covers on every binoculars model, and they are relatively heavy and expensive to produce. During the world war 1 subsequent hard rubber or leather covers were replaced in Germany by a cover of black lacquered cardboard. The heavier brass housing covers was replaced by the galvanized steel. In the 1930s, to […]

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